Tornado Kid – Hateful 10

 It’s quite hard to find a band anymore who seems to make music purely to have fun as so many others do it simply to see if they can or do it for the money, but I always figured that having fun is most important if you’re going to start a band. But finding a band that seems to simply have fun is something that I can’t get enough of, and Tornado Kid is definitely one of those groups who bring a breath of fresh talent to the hard rock underground.

The world of hard rock is pretty fleshed out all things considered, so it’s hard to really try and stand out in a scene that has basically seen it all and done it all tens times over. As if to counteract this, Tornado Kid mixed their primarily hard rock style with a little bit of southern metal to give their debut album of “Hateful 10” a solid crunch, kick, and just about everything in between that really allows the music to have more of a pop than what standard pieces of the same vein might have. In its entirety, “Hateful 10” is by no means whatsoever a bad album nor is it a cookie-cutter record, but I feel inexperience is what caused Tornado Kid to not do better with this piece. All of the ten tracks from this scathing album are at times catchy, rhythmic, and sometimes even anthemic, yet that’s all mixed with the slight feeling that “Hateful 10” feels a little manufactured. By that I mean it felt like Tornado Kid was trying too hard to sound like a highly successful group that’s losing their touch, but luckily that only showed up every now and then so the whole of “Hateful 10” wasn’t tainted wholly by that downside. Given time, I’m positive Tornado Kid will find the sound they’re specifically going for in a more refined, focused fashion and I’m pretty sure that it’d be interesting because amidst the riffs and grunge of “Hateful 10” is real potential. It simply has to be built and expanded upon in order to be put to real good use.

Inexperience is the bane of the success for the vast majority of younger bands, but with time, passion, and persistence put into the formula a group can easily overcome such an obstacle, and I’ve no question that Tornado Kid can do just that. This Russian group definitely showed potential with “Hateful 10”, but it has yet to be truly tapped and thus channeled.

LISTEN to “Hateful 10” on Bandcamp here.

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