Elder – Reflections of a Floating World

 There’s a certain kind of euphoria that comes out of bands that really take their music to a world beyond our’s and manage to craft something that would seem to be a drug-fueled sequence of psychedelia. I’ve been lucky to know quite a few; Inter Arma, Neurosis, My Sleeping Karma, Zaum. However, Elder seems to rise above everyone else when it comes to crafting psychedelic soundscapes like none other, and their new album is proof of that as well as being their crowning achievement.

As well as being a sucker for anything with loads of well done psychedelic tunes, I absolutely love longer tracks (7+ minutes) as they really allow for the band in question to craft a tale, an experience, and even experiment a little with their sound, and that’s led to some beautifully mind-bending creations. Elder is no stranger to doing such, and “Reflections of a Floating World” is a prime example of what it means to be a master group of psychedelia. Not one of the six tracks making up this album drop below eight minutes (the longest being over thirteen), and Elder used every one of those moments to take us through astral lakes, streams of starlight, float amongst worlds suspended in the void, and through dimensions of light so awe-inspiring that one would think it’d be impossible for something so stunning to exist in this realm. The sheer levels of musicianship held within “Reflections of a Floating World” are no less than absolutely hypnotizing as Elder easily allows you to get lost in the notes, wander amongst the rhythms, and allow your physical body to rest while your astral self soars the cosmos. Extremely few bands have been able to capture that even once, but Elder has done it with pretty much every single fucking record so far, and “Reflections of a Floating World” is possibly their magnum opus which makes this stunning success all the more delicious.

This is one of those records that you truly have to immerse yourself in so that you absorb all the music down to the very sonics, and when you allow that to happen you’ll experience a level of euphoria that’s nigh on intoxicating. Elder is an immeasurably special band that has found its audience, and it’s with “Reflections of a Floating World” that they’ll go down as psychedelic masters in addition to their magnificent record history, and it’s no hard task to see why that’s the case.

LISTEN to “Reflections of a Floating World” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elder on Facebook here.


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