MRTVI – Negative Atonal Dissonance

 Even the oddest out of us all can appreciate art, that much is certain. However, some minds are too dark, too ambitious, too progressive thinking or any combination of those to be satisfied with the modern description of art represented through music. That’s what I believed spawned the niche genre that is simply titled noise. It’s something that takes a special mind to accomplish, and the mastermind behind MRTVI is one such person, and his sophomore record is a sliver of oblivion that’s definitely something to behold.

To create any type of album is an undertaking that can easily go wrong, so experiencing a good one is something that everyone appreciates because the listener knows that everything good that could’ve happened with that piece happened. A noise album? I wouldn’t even know where to look to start. That’s why I find it very fascinating that the noise genre has been gaining more traction over the years, and MRTVI is a brilliant, dissonant example of what the scene has become. MRTVI’s upcoming record, “Negative Atonal Dissonance”, is a brilliant embodiment of the current state of noise as a style. It’s fucking vicious, its form is never stagnant as its constantly shifting pace and tone, and it’s a very surreal experience that takes you through not only several planes of the human psyche as well as those normally beyond our reach. For me to call MRTVI a band would be an understatement as it is an entity of the darkest kind, and you can feel that through the three tracks that are woven to create “Negative Atonal Dissonance”. Each song lengthier than the previous, this 40+ minute trip is the sort of thing that requires multiple plays to get a simple grasp of as, like every great piece of art of any kind, it takes a time to truly digest and therefore understand. MRTVI has made something that is an absolute assault on all the senses and will leave a mark so deep it cuts through your very astral projection.

There’s nowhere to hide from this onslaught, and should you be brave enough to survive the entire siege, you’ll come out of a unique experience that is unquestionably sinister to the highest degree, but you somehow feel enlightened. The darkness has used MRTVI has a vessel to convey us all an important message. What that message is isn’t mine to decipher, but one cannot deny that “Negative Atonal Dissonance” is an immense piece that once heard, you cannot forget, and if you feel compelled to go through the experience yet again… then truly you’re communing with the very black.

“Negative Atonal Dissonance” releases on July 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Negative Atonal Dissonance” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE MRTVI on Facebook here.


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