Blood Division – Traitors to the Gallows

 Personally, I’ve never really gone too deep into the world of punk or its extensions, but I’ve always respected it because of its place in the realm of metal and rock as well as being the source of many great acts over the decades. Those two reasons are what always keep me coming back even if I don’t visit the sound for months at a time, but this time it’s taken me somewhere a little familiar to me: Singapore. These lands have born many delicious fruits for me so far, and Blood Division is another helping of the destructive potential of Asian metal.

It’s the quick, raw, and primal fury of punk, that when fused properly with metal becomes known as crust, that is what really keeps me interested in the style, and when it’s done properly there’s very little like it. Now, imagine that expertly merged with black metal. Certainly nothing new, but to this day such a potent concoction packs a punch to no end, and Blood Division has only further cemented that fact as their latest offering, “Traitors to the Gallows”, is a magnificent testament to the style’s immensely vicious style. With eight fiery tracks to throw our way, including a very stylish Discharge cover, Blood Division has created an album that is no less than blistering and every single song is fast paced, visceral, and the very definition of a song that goes for the throat. And “Traitors to the Gallows” honors to the tradition of punk’s shorter tracks as most of the songs don’t stretch over three minutes long, which is perfect for a burst of delicious fury that can’t be spread out over five minutes in such a way. Yet, that doesn’t restrict Blood Division as they’re not afraid to attempt longer tracks, as the title piece is over six minutes long and possibly my favorite song off the album which shows that Blood Divison is no pushover, doesn’t have a one-track mind and isn’t scared to change the formula for the sake of variety, and that is something that I feel we can all appreciate.

Asian countries like China, India, and Singapore are steadily becoming explosive hotspots of underground metal the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world with so many quality groups coming from such a (relatively) smaller area of the world. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Blood Division is something that I didn’t see coming as a black/crust band isn’t what I would think would come out of Singapore, but it was a very pleasant surprise, to say the least. Should you want to have acid mixed with lava poured into your ears and come flowing out of your eye sockets in amazingly stylish fashion, look no further than “Traitors to the Gallows”.

LISTEN to the track “Stranglehold” off “Traitors to the Gallows” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Blood Division on Facebook here.


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