Muka – Sveta Stoka

 Any piece of music that has any sort of build up to it must have an explosive climax that’s equal parts captivating as it is pleasing to hear. Doom metal has long been the very embodiment of that, and legions of bands have come along to add their own spice to it in order to create something that’s as heavy as it is interesting. To this day, that hasn’t changed and Muka is an excellent example of a doom group changing the script a little, and creating a blaze that’s simply intoxicating.

In relation to doom metal being known for a build up experience, that’s what I was expecting to get with Muka’s latest slab of black/doom, “Sveta Stoka”, but I happened upon instead were five tracks that were uncharacteristically short for doom metal, but tasteful to the very note, nonetheless. Muka are explosive from start to finish, and they don’t allow their description of being a doom metal band prevent them from kicking things up a notch, and I really enjoyed that aspect. “Sveta Stoka” definitely nailed the classic crunch of doom, but Muka allowed their tempo to become more erratic and speedy to keep things dynamic down to the very rhythm, and that really enables this record to have more variety than one might expect before investigating the music. What I find best about “Sveta Stoka” is how immersive it is in its entirety which is a property of doom metal that I’ve always been attracted to, and Muka did it excellently well along with molding it with black metal to create a flavor that is by no means unique but tantalizing all the while, and it persists for the entire record, thankfully.

Croatia is another country whose metal scene has loads of potential, and Muka is in every sense a brilliant introduction. Such a tasteful blend of two extremely fleshed out styles is something that isn’t new by any means, but that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of “Sveta Stoka” as it is, in several ways, a record filled with excitement and intrigue that can grasp just about anyone willing to listen.

LISTEN to “Sveta Stoka” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Muka on Facebook here.


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