Sautrus – Anthony Hill

 Throughout history, no style of music has created a bigger following, bigger lifestyle, or caused more controversy than rock. Be it current day metal or when AC/DC was considered devil’s music to some, rock has played a crucial role in hundreds of millions of lives and that includes mine. Indie rock has been something that’s been causing some ripples in recent years, and Sautrus is honestly my first taste of what the style holds. Oddly enough, it’s something that I didn’t think I’d get, but I can see myself frequenting the genre thanks to this album.

At first, I figured that “Anthony Hill” was going to be all but bland given that to me the cover art didn’t stand out all that much and the album title is meh at first glance, but I know myself too well. I judge an album by its cover way too fucking much, and I’m doing my best to change that, and Sautrus is the first example of that, and thankfully it worked out for the fucking best with “Anthony Hill”. The coolest thing about this piece is how it’s not stagnant in any form as it’s constantly shifting sounds, pumping out tasty rhythms, and tossing different textures our way that satisfies to the very end. A rock band has of today’s age that hasn’t made it big faces a mammoth task before them: create an interesting album that hasn’t been heard before that will draw people in and not let them go. “Anthony Hill” is that kind of album from beginning to end that’s dynamic, unique, and the very embodiment of a style even if it’s one that has no set definition and constantly transcends boundaries. And thankfully this record is by no means short because this is the kind of thing that you’re going to want to sit down, jam out to, and then want to spend hours doing so to these tracks that can stretch to over eight minutes; done in flawless style, no less.

Indie rock hasn’t really been something that’s interested me simply because it’s always seemed to be that style of rock that all the hipsters and ultra counterculture people go for, and that’s just never suited me, but I think it’s time to change that given I’ve experienced a very tasteful album tonight. Sautrus absolutely came out of nowhere for me and impressed me much more than I could’ve expected, and that’s what music is all about! “Anthony Hill” is a piece that the inquisitive definitely need to investigate, and the sort of thing that this band should undoubtedly be proud of.

LISTEN to “Anthony Hill” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sautrus on Facebook here.


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