Wode – Servants of the Countercosmos

 As one of the biggest underground hits of last year, Wode stunned just about every single person who heard their self-titled debut and basically agreed that Wode is the very embodiment of what potential the British black metal scene has. I only discovered the piece a few months ago, and I agree that it is quite fantastic in several ways, which made me hope their follow-up would satisfy, and I’m extremely glad to say it does no less than please all the way to the end.

A band that has just barely a year between two full-length albums has one of two things going on: (1) they’re rushing things and pushing out material at an unhealthy rate OR (2) they’re simply musical geniuses with loads of rich ideas to put to disc and waste no time doing so. Luckily, Wode is the latter and “Servants of the Countercosmos” is all the proof I could ever need to prove that to be true. Somehow, this quartet accomplishes the monumental task of condensing roughly thirty minutes of quality black metal mixed with plenty of elements of heavy metal to add a fair level of spice to the mix that doesn’t disappoint. Imagine loads of riffs, plenty of twists, and an overwhelming amount of supreme taste that’s undeniable, and you’ve but the foundations for what makes “Servants of the Countercosmos” such an enjoyable ride through a dimension of darkness and blood. Each of these six tracks have got so much power that when combined with the monstrous force of Wode, and we’re treating to a record of pristine black metal heights the likes of which we don’t get out of Britain a lot, but Wode shows in absolute spades that the country has more than enough potential to be had, and I have a feeling this is only a sign of more excellence to come from these men.

The land of Britain has been all but instrumental in the history of metal, and it continues to do the style proud to this very day, and Wode has done nothing but do a fantastic job to live up to the reputation of their homeland. If you somehow missed out on the marvel that is Wode’s debut, then you can’t let this one pass you by! “Servants of the Countercosmos” is by all standards a black metal piece that this band should be proud of, and the sort of thing that you’ll want to experience again and again.

“Servants of the Countercosmos” releases via Avantgarde Music on May 31st!

LISTEN to “Servants of the Countercosmos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Wode on Facebook here.


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