Time Walk – Beyond Eternity’s Grasp

 Plenty of people out there would say that a death metal band throwing in melody would be a sellout, and I fucking hate those people because (a) they’re just being assholes and (b) that’s missing out on a vein of death metal that’s simply delicious. I’ve come across plenty of bands of the style that throw in catchy rhythms to make themselves stand out, and many have succeeded while others were simply too generic. Time Walk is a far cry from generic and is a fucking tantalizing band of every sort.

To create a death metal EP that’s modern, intriguing, brutal, and still manage to come out not sounding like a cookie cutter Cannibal Corpse is a challenge that several take on, but not everyone can overcome, sadly. Time Walk is one of the bands that has met the challenge and risen far beyond anyone’s expectations with their fucking crusher of an EP “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp”. There’s a very simple system with this piece. First, it grinds your limbs into a bloody paste with its monstrous hooks, then your eyes are stabbed repeatedly by the vicious as fuck vocals that are simply unrelenting to the bitter end, and then you’re diced into gory shrivels of your former self by the unbridled fury that Time Walk brings to the table in all five tracks of “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp”. But after hearing such excellent death metal, we’ve no choice but to loosely sew ourselves back together to hear this stupendous EP yet again. Little do we get a record so bombastic and so talented as what Time Walk has crafted here. It’s still quite ways away from being one of the best death metal pieces I’ve heard, but holy shit does Time Walk make a valiant effort to bring out the best of “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp”, and it works phenomenally well!

Any one person who scours the deep underground of Bandcamp will come across a hidden gem that few others will have the pleasure of experiencing, and that’s basically what happened to me with Time Walk. These guys are no less than talented wrapped up in a grotesque package that has so much potential to it that you can practically fucking taste it all throughout “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp”. Should you want to hear an album that’s damn near the pinnacle of underground death metal along with an up and coming band, then Time Walk has got the exact thing you need to hear right this second.

LISTEN to “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Time Walk on Facebook here.


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