Selcouth – Heart is the Star of Chaos

 There are some people out in the world who find that they just go with the flow of the universe as they allow their spirits to simply drift wherever they may, and whatever happens will happen. I’ve personally never had such a frame of mind, but I’ve always appreciated it in a way, especially when it’s translated to music. Metal is an excellent form of creative expression, but spiritual freedom or the like, yet that seems to be exactly what Selcouth has done on a scale that’s nigh on unprecedented.

You can get a glimpse of what sort of psychedelic mayhem is to be heard from Selcouth by simply gazing upon the trippy cover art, but the actual music is something else entirely. What immediately stood out for me with “Heart is the Star of Chaos” is that not only does it consist of metal elements, but jazz as well as other styles that are definitely present but not nearly as much as metal or jazz. That really makes for a unique, potent, and tasteful combination that truly requires an open mind to experience. Selcouth made damn sure that “Heart is the Star of Chaos” would consistently have shifting parts that move from here to there, taking paths we never even knew we could take, and then showing us sights weaving amongst stars and cosmic dust to create something the human brain can barely comprehend. That’s but the tip of the iceberg for “Heart is the Star of Chaos” as we’re shown so much of the randomness of the human psyche alongside wonderfully crafted notes of music that come together brilliantly well while being composed of multiple voices, complex rhythms, undeniable imagination, and a powerful feel that permeates ever moment of this record. This piece is one of the very definitions of trippy music, and Selcouth has done a flawless job at weaving the web that we can easily get lost in, and it’s the kind that one will quickly find themselves returning to not long after.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had an affinity for pieces of music that are simply in a realm of their own. Sure, they draw inspiration from many other sources like fucking all musicians to ever live, but nonetheless, Selcouth has crafted their own little pocket dimension of music with this baffling record the likes of which no one else can match. “Heart is the Star of Chaos” is hopefully the magnificent start to something glorious for Selcouth as they’ve loads of potential to be unfurled upon the world before them, and all they’ve got to do is match their potential with their passion and then put forth something that everyone everywhere can truly marvel at. For now, though, this transcendent album is all we have and it’s fucking glorious all the while.

“Heart is the Star of Chaos” releases on June 23rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

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