Loss – Horizonless

 Every single person has a specific style of music that they enjoy, but for whatever reason have never truly investigated. For me, it’s funeral doom. I’ve always been amazed at how something with such a slow tempo, crushing sound, and menacing presence can be created into a coherent form. And sadly, I can’t remember the last time I dove into a good funeral doom record so it was time to change that, and with Loss causing a stir I felt there was no other choice for me, and holy shit was I right!

In case you’re not aware of the artwork of Adam Burke, something about that man’s artwork coinciding with excellent music is one of the greatest coincidences in the universe to me and I fucking love it because when I see the art I know I’m in for a damn good time. “Horizonless” is by far no exception as it is easily the best piece of funeral doom I’ve heard since Un’s “The Tomb of All Things”, and there’s an absolutely massive number of reasons as to what makes this effort something that Loss should truly be proud of. First off, it’s a magnificently brilliant blend of death and doom metal, but Loss still manages to make “Horizonless” incredibly diverse, dynamic, and epic in terms of sound, grandeur, and texture to allow for a one of a kind experience. From ominous interludes to vicious displays of multiple sets of vocals to a crushing presence heavier than the sun, and “Horizonless” has got all the components for a staggering experience that all came together amazingly well. Loss isn’t exactly a big name in the doom scene as a whole, but I’ve no doubt that this band has garnered plenty of attention for this effort, and it’s no hard task to see why.

As an hour long experience the likes of which hundreds of thousands of previous records pale in comparison to, “Horizonless” stood as what was a fairly anticipated album of this year, and it’s an absolute pleasure to see the hype was not ill-fated. For Loss has created what’s easily their magnum opus, and possibly the start to a career that’ll go on to be nigh-on legendary.

BUY “Horizonless” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Horizonless” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Loss on Facebook here.


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