Unleash the Archers – Apex

 The one thing that draws me to any form of creative expression, be it a movie, album, or book, more than anything is story telling. If you’ve got a compelling story that’s interesting, you’ve got my attention. However, it’s a more difficult task with music as you gotta actually make the music fit with the epic tale. Unleash the Archers has been dishing out excellent pieces in their decade-long career, but now tackling a concept album has led to what’s possibly the band’s magnum opus by far.

It takes quite a bit to make an immensely successful concept album by all accounts. You’ve got to have a good sense of story telling otherwise it’s a jumbled mess, tales that are actually fucking interesting and epic, and residual music that is just as badass as the actual music. “Apex” achieves all of that almost seemingly with ease as all of the ten tracks come together to create this hour long experience the likes of which only power metal could provide the vessel for and only Unleash the Archers could pilot to epic destinations. “Oh wow, how original! A power metal band coming together to create a fantasy album that’s ‘epic'” is what some are saying, I’m sure, and you can shove it if you are because every fucking bit of “Apex” is unique, masterfully executed, ridiculously fun and entertaining on a cosmic scale, and, yes, Unleash the Archers might lean on a few tropes of the style but they pull them off with such excellence that it makes this experience all the better. Amazingly pleasing solos, soaring vocals that are truly one of a kind, a tale of mythical proportions, epic battles of one taking on ten thousand, and a fucking massive presence all make up “Apex” to ultimately make the ten years of build up from Unleash the Archers so much more delectable and beautiful.

Truly, it’s hard to create a piece such as this and it takes an even more impressive band to pull off making it. Unleash the Archers have shown to have the potential to do such over their previous four efforts, but it’s “Apex” that show the true talent, capability, and skill that these Canadians sport in absolute spades. Such a power record is one that you aren’t going to want to miss, and if you’re thinking of passing it up I implore you to do otherwise, and you won’t regret investigating.

“Apex” releases on June 2nd via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “Apex” via iTunes here.

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