Speedrush – Endless War

 Typically, I don’t like bands that seem to solely exist to sound like a throwback band simply because the members of the group are living in the past. That’s what I thought Speedrush was at first and that initially turned me off the record, but I came back and gave it a second chance and realized that I was wrong (shocker)! This second approach really allowed Speedrush classic sounding brand of thrash that does not disappoint.

“Endless War” really feels like a blast from the past in so many different ways as Speedrush really manages to capture a lot of the original spirit of thrash metal into their formula that, surprisingly, works really well. We’re given a piece where the sound quality is pretty top and has no real bad parts within it, but then the music itself has a classic feel to it that really allows Speedrush to have a similar flavor that feels slightly fresh at the same time, which is a thing that many bands fail to do time and again. Yet, this Greek band prevails and is yet another example as to why I find Greece an excellent hot spot for quality thrash metal, and Speedrush does nothing but justice for that statement. Stylistically, however, “Endless War” really doesn’t divert from a single path outside of two instrumentals that seem to serve as both intro and interlude for little reason other than just because. That doesn’t dampen the overall experience of this record, though, as Speedrush still deliver a very tasty album that can’t be denied as having loads of quality to it and holding immense potential for the band itself.

Several records have the signs of a good band in the works, but only a select group of passionate bands can really push the envelope to bring that idea to light. I firmly believe Speedrush has the capacity to do such that if they really go for it, and just about all of “Endless War” is all the proof one could need of that. This record is fun, entertaining, and a brilliant homage to the classic ways of thrash even if that’s not what Speedrush went out to do with the album.

LISTEN to “Endless War” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Speedrush on Facebook here.


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