In Human Form – Opening of the Eye by the Death of I

 I’ve always been fascinated how bands push the envelopes of all music. Does it lead to a new style that not everyone’s going to like but still thrives on? Absolutely (I’m looking at you techno), and metal is a wonderful breeding ground for progressive minds and there’s no better sub-style to serve as a vessel than black metal. The Massachusetts-based group of In Human Form clearly has the same view, and after ten years their blend of metal combined with other styles have led to an album that’s nigh on impressive.

Just like how I enjoy a band that can create a different sound to form something truly unique, I’m also a fan of how a band can reach deep into the human psyche, reach beyond physical and metaphysical boundaries of all kinds, and bring about such artistic style that permeates the entire record in question. That’s exactly what In Human Form has done with their upcoming record, “Opening of the Eye by the Death of I”, that also serves as the band’s tenth anniversary. But that’s not all that’s interesting about this piece as In Human Form really reach beyond the realm where many bands feel comfortable stylistically, and this group just goes above and beyond. “Opening of the Eye by the Death of I” is, by all means, an enigmatic record that combines the various elements of progressive, black metal, jazz, and even more to form up an experience that I’m positive that us mere mortals will never be able to fully comprehend nor understand. Therefore, that leads to an experience like few other bands have managed over the years, and in turn, In Human Form show that they have a level of musical prowess of another kind as well as the knowledge that all comes together seamlessly in the end. For “Opening of the Eye by the Death of I” has got the complex rhythms, various instruments, diversity in sound, and then with scattered melodies that really pull you in that all make for an incredible album that is the true product of laboring to form up a piece like little others, and it all worked out amazingly well for In Human Form.

Many will find themselves deterred from the complex and understandably formidable presence that In Human Form brings to the table with this album, but those who persist will be treated to a one of a kind record that will easily stick to your brain, and you will be replaying over and over again simply to make sense of it all. “Opening of the Eye by the Death of I” is on a scale all of its own, and is the sort of thing that I can find myself immersing for the special brand of darkness that In Human Form conjures to flow over my psyche once more.

“Opening of the Eye by the Death of I” releases on June 23rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

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