Between the Lines – s/t

 Music has reached every corner of the globe, gone to space, and has even become an integral part of the human psyche over millennia. Metal and rock have come relatively recently, but it’s clearly spread like wildfire. While some stand out countries gets praise for being unexpectantly rich in metal bands like Finland and America, there are other nations with more up and coming metal scenes that show loads of promise. I’ve many personal favorites, and Ireland is pumping out more reasons as to why the land deserves more attention from the community, and Between the Lines is a shining example.

After delivering the surprise that was the doom metal group of Soothsayer last year, I wondered what Ireland would throw at me next whenever it would. Today, the universe has somehow brought me to the self-titled record from the Irish rock band of Between the Lines. Right off the bat the band gives off somewhat of a psychedelic vibe as the bass and its coinciding rhythms create this fairly hypnotic trance that really manages to worm its way into your mind to reel you in. The whole of this 40+ minute album is by no means a pushover, either, as Between the Lines pulls of songs that stretch farther than seven minutes, seemingly without breaking a single sweat, which allows them to really test shifting between rhythms and creating a wholly diverse experience in one track alone. Many bands try and fail when doing such, but Between the Lines really impress with this effort as they truly tread the line between rock and metal at times to give a good feel, balance, and enough variety in their music to keep both the listener engaged, make the record sound both good and fun, and as well as test what these Irish men can accomplish as musicians. Does this record push any sort of genre boundaries? Absolutely not, but the simple fact that Between the Lines grabbed the bull right by the horns and took a good amount of leaps with so many different factors coming together very well to make for one hell of a ride that is no less than captivating.

Ireland is slowly becoming, like India and Spain, a country that I can definitely see myself loving for its rock and metal scenes simply because they’re so well represented by quality bands. Between the Lines does nothing but justice for the Irish rock scene, and is the kind of band that I can easily see myself keeping tabs on and coming back to whenever I want a unique take on rock that manages to have excellent taste and feel fun at the same time. Plenty of rock bands can accomplish that even in today’s age, but it feels truly genuine with Between the Lines, and you can feel that with this fabulous piece.

LISTEN to “Between the Lines” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Between the Lines on Facebook here.


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