Below – Upon a Pale Horse

 It’s been a while since I’ve really searched doom metal as a genre for a band that sounds so classic yet fresh enough to where the listener doesn’t get bored. That’s quite a specific formula, but it’s the kind worth looking for. After maybe several months of searching, I came across a band. From Sweden of all places, naturally! Leave it to Scandinavia to pump out even more excellence. Below, as a relatively new band, have a lot to prove that they aren’t fucking around, and their upcoming record is all the proof one could need.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you… I think this band had Bruce Dickinson as a frontman for a moment because they resemblance is simply uncanny. Or maybe I’m just losing mind! Either way Below is precisely the band that doom metal needs as this Swedish group brings so much of what makes the genre great along with throwing together so many classic elements of metal to create this surreal piece of nostalgia that any fan of both traditional metal and modern doom will come to adore. “Upon a Pale Horse” is a fantastic record in every which way, making Below the exact band that I’ve been needing in recent months. These eight tracks are immensely epic that have a fantastic crunch, just the right tempo that varies from a casual beat to a more doom proper beat (ergo slow), and a fabulous balance of vocals that fit both the record and the style to make for an explosively dark combo that’s ceaselessly entertaining. And in the end, “Under a Pale Horse” is the type of record that once it ends you simply gotta listen to it again! Below has got slow burners like the title tracks and then spectacular anthems like “1000 Broken Bones”. So much variety, diversity, and taste in one album that it’s simply intoxicating.

This band is a prime example of new blood giving fresh, new life to a genre that could always use more awesomeness. Below is the perfect band that I’ve been craving lately as they bring together modern doom and classic sounding metal in ways that we don’t see very often. Should you want to hear a modern piece of marvelous doom that stuns to no end, “Upon a Pale Horse” is what you need right fucking now.

“Upon a Pale Horse” releases on May 19th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Upon a Pale Horse” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 advance tracks from “Upon a Pale Horse” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Below on Twitter: @BelowMetal


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