Chaos – All Against All

 Recently, I’ve come to the revelation that somehow I don’t have all that many reviews for thrash pieces in all. So, lately, I’ve been trying to expand my thrash horizons and today that search as somehow led me back to India: one of the greatest fucking countries for up and coming metal bands in the entire fucking world. Hailing from such an illustrious land, Chaos has come out of the shadows and delivers a powerful album that is the embodiment of all thrash and gives you a good beating as the same time!

A lot of thrash bands that I’ve come across typically do a good job as most, if not all, understand the basic concept of keeping the speed going while simultaneously keeping the fury flowing without a single stop. But then there are some bands that just absolutely hit it out of the fucking park and create a spectacular piece of thrash that’s filled to the brim with anthems and badassery the likes of which most can only dream of achieving. That’s exactly what Chaos has does with this upcoming sophomore album “All Against All”. This record is a real beauty that’s the product of a four-year long silence that justly rewards those who eagerly awaited new material, and what they got is something that’ll surely cause pants to be shat and minds to be blown. Something like “All Against All” isn’t something that we come across very often and it isn’t something that’s easily made. The band in question has got to have the talent, passion, and will to bring such a glorious piece to life and then the right combination of experience and skill to make it a reality, and Chaos is the result of everything falling perfectly into place. That results in “All Against All” being a damn near perfect record for thrash fans everywhere. It’s infused with lightning, always bloody and not leaving a single survivor, and the kind of album that’ll have you scrambling to play it all over again.

Few can accomplish such a feat as this record, and Chaos may be the most talented thrash band in India, and it’s not hard to see why after seeing what they’ve done with “All Against All”. It’s violent, intense, and everything you could ask for and more. India hasn’t disappointed me yet, and Chaos is more than enough to show what kind of power, diversity, and excellence can be found within the Indian metal scene in every single way imaginable.

“All Against All” releases on June 15th via Transcending Obscurity India!

LISTEN to 2 advance tracks from “All Against All” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chaos on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Chaos on Twitter: @Chaos_Metal


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