Aposento – Bleed to Death

 Spain has recently become one of those countries for me that I’ve wanted to investigate more for its metal scene. Luckily, the renowned record label of Xtreem Music is based out of Madrid and often signs bands that also hail from Spain, so they’ve sort of become my main source at the moment. Currently, it’s working pretty well as they’ve brought a good few bands to my attention, the newest of which being Aposento which is a band we should all know of.

As someone who’s heard so much of what death metal as a style can offer, it’s very pleasing to see that plenty of relatively newer bands (Aposento originally formed in the 90s and broke up for a while, but let’s ignore that part) out there can still pull off straight death metal without trying to do anything special or fancy of any kind to appeal to the listener. All of Aposento’s sophomore full-length album of “Bleed to Death” is precisely that: textbook death metal executed with such style and power that’d attract any fan of the genre. What I find interesting about this record is how Aposento really managed to cover a very good bit of variety and diversity in ten tracks with songs that vary from being straight brutal to fairly catchy that really manage to reel you in. “Bleed to Death” doesn’t allow for any breathing room either as every moment of its chaotic existence doesn’t take any breaks, and the blood never once stops flowing for the bodies that are left in its path along the way. Many, if not all, death metal bands typically know the basic formula of slaughter, be intense, repeat in order to make a “proper” record of the style, but there’s some magic behind what Aposento has done with “Bleed to Death” that makes it much tastier than a good portion of its competition, and it’s got undeniable flavor, texture, and personality that you simply can’t replicate nor find in many other bands.

This album serves as even more proof that Spain has got plenty to serve as a more than valuable source for quality metal of all kinds, and I know that more awesome stuff is on the horizon, and Aposento is a more than amazing start to a journey into a scene that’s sure much like that of many other countries, but that doesn’t take away the thrill of the search one bit. “Bleed to Death” is a fantastic death metal in every single way, and cannot help but recommend it to anyone who wants to know how the Spanish serve up their brand of death and blood.

“Bleed to Death” releases on June 12th via Xtreem Music!

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