Heathen Beast – $cam

 Every band has a message – a mission if you will. Yes, the mission varies from band to band much as one squad may have a different objective than another, but it’s the ones that speak out are the ones that stand out and eventually spread their mission all the way to the opposite side of the planet. Heathen Beast has a bold and quite unattractive message that desperately needs to be heard. Few are willing to speak, but Heathen Beast has shouted, and where few will listen, it is up to us to allow them to be heard… and what better vessel than metal to convey a powerful message?

These Indians have remained 100% anonymous since their inception to speak up about all the wrong and misdeeds that have been committed by the Indian government, and they’ve been doing it for roughly seven years now. Up to now, they’ve done scathing black metal and that’s done a pretty good job both in terms of getting their message across and in terms of musical quality, but dire times call for dire measures. With the recent demonetization scheme that has gone down in India, Heathen Beast felt it appropriate to become even more brutal and even more harsh with their next effort. They’ve upped the ante of their style to black metal mixed with grindcore, and not only does it make their new album, “$cam”, their most impressive record to date… it also makes it their most impactful. Many bands have tried speaking up for brutality against animals or the environment, and while they’re just as important issues, Heathen Beast really hits home with “$cam” as they’re truly becoming the band that voices the plight of the common people.

Personally, I’ve never really been one for grindcore as it just always felt like a mess when it hits my ears, but there have always been a scant few exceptions. Up to now, it’s basically been the latest Cattle Decapitation album to achieve that for me, but Heathen Beast has created something truly special with “$cam”. Heathen Beast has taken their already blistering and massively unrelenting style of black metal and made it faster, more uncompromising, more of an assault on your psyche, and more passionate in its unparalleled, seething rage. Even if you were to isolate even just the vocals all by themselves, you get something so vicious that if you’re not ready for it, it hits you like a fucking truck. But then there are the instruments who really know how to bring the speed and fury to really make all nine tracks a typhoon of flame that the uninitiated will find themselves destroyed by immediately, but we veterans will weather through it time and again, savoring it all the while. And “$cam” doesn’t just stop at being a magnificent piece of metal – oh no! Heathen Beast even managed to incorporate anthems, rhythms filled with hooks, and subtle melodies into their brand of brimstone caked chaos to keep you listening and allow you to expose your mind to the blasphemy and atrocities that this band is trying so desperately to bring to light for the rest of the world. And if that doesn’t get under your skin, then allow the finale to calmly, yet methodically, crawl into your consciousness and show you the darkness that you’ve been turning a blind eye to. For you see… all we want to see is light, but when we see the darkness that the light has been trying so desperately to keep out then – and only then! – will we allow ourselves to see the truth of what is before us.

I’ve gone on quite a rant a little bit, haven’t I? Typically, I don’t enjoy talking about politics as it doesn’t suit my nature, but something about Heathen Beast catches my attention. Is it the staggering quality of their little brand of madness? Their topical subjects that are extremely relevant in one of the most populated countries of the world? Or is it how they talk out in such a manner that few even fathom? Maybe it’s all of them, but no matter what it is there’s no denying that Heathen Beast are the real fucking deal. If you don’t fancy the message, then allow their scathing piece of blackened grindcore consume your soul. But if you’re willing to go down the rabbit hole, then allow “$cam” to be your guide and prepare yourself. It’s one fucking hell of a trip.

“$cam” releases on June 1st via Transcending Obscurity India!

PRE-ORDER “$cam” and LISTEN to an advance track on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Heathen Beast on Twitter: @heathenbeast

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