Dante’s Theory – Amut

 Singapore has become quite the scene to hear in recent years with glorious bands such as Rudra coming out of nowhere for people like me who’ve never thought to look in such a place before. Hence why I now think some of the best metal comes from the most unexpected places on the planet, and even then Singapore still churns out wondrous bands. Dante’s Theory is the newest of such, and they don’t disappoint one bit.

Taking a page from death metal over the ages, Dante’s Theory is all but face melting to a magnificent degree. This debut EP of “Amut” has all of five tracks to it, and a little less than 15 minutes of a run time to call its own. Typically, that’s not much for a band to leave a mark, but these guys make it work in absolute spades. All of “Amut” is a brutal, uncomprehending piece of work that really shows that death metal truly has spread to all the corners of the globe. It’s the sheer brutality that makes Dante’s Theory such a force to be reckoned with. At first, it sounds like a loud mess that’s got no real substance to call its own. But given a second chance, “Amut” really shines to show what talent Dante’s Theory has got within these five tracks of utter intensity. And while there’s still plenty of tweaking to be made when it comes to Dante’s Theory’s overall sound and style as there’s plenty of talent to be had from this group.

The best bands tend to have the humblest beginnings. Singapore is without a doubt a world of opportunity, and Dante’s Theory has the opportunity to explode into something phenomenal and a band that simply has to be heard. “Amut” pulls no punches whatsoever and is brutal out the ass, and is proof that should you want to go looking for the next thing in death metal then you’re going to have to do some real digging, and trust me . . . the treasure is very much worth it.

LISTEN to “Amut” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dante’s Theory on Facebook here.


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