Former Worlds – Photos of Eve IX-XVI

 I feel it’s safe to say that the vast majority of metalheads are into fantasy-themed versions of media from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. Simply because, like metal, it’s larger than life and really captures the imagination so easily with a vice grip. Now, the concept of mixing the two together are by no means an alien thought, and even to today, it makes for wondrous pieces of music. Former Worlds continues this trend with their debut single, and it is quite the treat indeed.

Taking your first steps as a band is always the most dangerous steps to take, and a lot of times can make or break the band’s future. In the case of Former Worlds’ debut single “Photos of Eve IX-XVI”, the future looks quite bright off into the distant cosmos that these Americans are aimed for. What I found very tasty about this piece was that it’s the only thing that makes up this record, and it tracks in at 17 and a half minutes. That’s pretty typical for doom metal, but that doesn’t take away how grand and immense “Photos of Eve IX-XVI” as a whole and as a debut. Every moment of this song is absolutely overflowing with a great sense of dread that permeates through the whole piece. Imagination cruising through space, encountering a monstrous entity, and really digs down into your soul to find what truly unnerves you and all that you fear. That’s not a thing many records can accomplish, but Former Worlds makes it seem effortless with their debut.

I’ve always thought that a band’s debut has the potential to be the group’s most captivating piece, at least for a while, and while that’s not always the case, I have a strong feeling that with such a healthy introduction as this. Former Worlds have made a great statement with “Photos of Eve IX-XVI”, and it’s the kind of thing that I could easily find myself coming back to time and again.

LISTEN to “Photos of Eve IX-XVI” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Former Worlds on Facebook here.


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