All My Sins – Lunar/Solar

 The ever-growing realm of black metal is filled with bands that had decided that enough is enough and somewhere down the line split up for one reason or another. A damned shame, really, as there’s always unknown potential in every group. What if one came back after being gone for quite a “few” years? That’s what happened with All My Sins who’ve returned to the Serbian metal scene to deliver truly transcendent black metal.

Thirteen years is, relatively, not a very long time, but still quite a bit by almost any standard. A band going for thirteen years can boast a lot, but seeing a band being split up for that length of time? It’s pretty safe to say new material is unlikely at best from that group, yet Serbia’s All My Sins defied that as they’ve come back out of the shadows to release their comeback EP of “Lunar/Solar”. The fact that the two members of this band have both garnered a good amount of experience in bands through other projects during the past thirteen years clearly helped shape this record into what it came out to be: fucking magnificent. This glorious piece of black metal tinged with an atmosphere for good effect is split into halves with the first representing the lunar side and the second showcasing the solar, and you can definitely hear that in the four tracks that make up “Lunar/Solar”. Nothing is held back or restrained as all of this EP is pristine to the very end in terms of musicianship, style, and overall tastefulness. The years have definitely been kind to All My Sins, and this record stands as the beginning of a new era for the two gentlemen behind this group, and the sheer quality is proof enough.

Few bands can recover from being broken up for even a few years, much less thirteen, yet All My Sins prove to be all but atypical with this EP. The contents of “Lunar/Solar” show a style and flavor that’s been done numerous times before, but there’s something about this effort that gives it a level of elegance and intrigue like no other. And that is more than enough to keep me coming back for more.

LISTEN to “Lunar/Solar” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE All My Sins on Facebook here.


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