Sun of the Dying – The Roar of the Furious Sea

 When it comes to Spain, the first two metal related things that I instantly think of are the illustrious label of Xtreem Music and then the black metal group of Itnuveth. Not very much to go off of, and recently I’ve been meaning to change that. But before I even began my search, something found me. Something . . . special. In the form of the debut record from Sun of the Dying, my interest in Spanish metal is peaked now more than ever.

I was looking for a unique doom metal experience that was just more than being heavy with a meaty sound to it, and somehow I stumbled onto this band out of Madrid who’s very first foray into the world of metal is fucking ridiculous in the best way possible. “The Roar of the Furious Sea” is so much more than just your typical doom metal album. Taking death metal to an extremely brutal extent with the vocals, everything else surrounding them isn’t nearly as intense aside from the guitars and bass that don’t shy away from the general sound of doom in order to really bring the Lovecraft theme (particularly Lord Cthulu) to life. However, the creativity behind “The Roar of the Furious Sea” doesn’t end there. Alongside a pretty understandable instrumental prologue and and epilogue set up, Sun of the Dying boast the capability to utilize other instruments such as a piano and acoustic guitar to great effect in order to add so many more layers to the music that makes it a much more epic experience. Then the album completely amazes with its attempt at impactful lyrics and storytelling, a sense of melody that fits doom and death metal alike, and an overall cohesiveness that’s simply irresistible to anyone willing to give this stupendous debut any sort of chance.

If my hunch is correct, I have a feeling that the Spanish metal scene will be much like India’s: fantastic yet criminally unknown. Sun of the Dying may very well have been the push that I needed, and the evidence that there is indeed more than just a few talented bands to hail from Spanish borders. “The Roar of the Furious Sea” is an absolute marvel in every single way, and should you want to hear the very definition of a gem of the underground . . . then this is the piece for you.

LISTEN to “The Roar of the Furious Sea” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sun of the Dying on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Sun of the Dying on Twitter: @Sunofthedying


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