Hate – Tremendum

 I’ve always applauded any band that’s been able to keep going for decades because that requires a level of commitment, passion, and will that the majority of other groups lack to keep them going for even a couple of years. Hate has been bringing their special brand of extreme metal for many years, and their upcoming record of “Tremendum” is possibly their most crushing record in recent years.

Power is sometimes all a band can need to get through a full record, and while I don’t approve of relying on intensity alone to carry the music, I’ve always been open to seeing a band attempt such. With Hate’s new effort, “Tremendum”, it kind of felt like they were just going for maximum power while still trying to have some sort of form and consistency to the mix. That being said, the record is still quite enjoyable. It has perhaps a bit too much of a focus on being rage-inducing, but it still works in the end. Nine tracks of fiery pieces are what we get with “Tremendum” mixed pretty well with the rhythms, anthems, and overall sound to make this record a real sucker punch to the jaw, face, chest, and then the ol’ jugular. Hate really pull no punches with this new effort, and fans of both the band and its style can appreciate what this Polish group created with it. It’s got power, majesty in brutality, and just enough musicianship to carry the entirety of “Tremendum” all the way to the final fading note.

This is absolute light years away from being anything that I’d call groundbreaking or marvelously fantastic, but it’s still a treat to listen to. Whether you agree with how far Hate went with their intensity with “Tremendum” or not, there’s no denying that this record is an absolute powerhouse that fucking wrecks all in its path.

“Tremendum” releases on May 5th via Napalm Records!

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