Last Rizla – KLS9532

 Whenever I think of Greece when it comes to music, I tend to think of thrash metal simply because I’ve heard more Greek bands of that style than any other kind of music. That leaves a lot to the imagination with other styles such as rock. I can’t think of a single Greek rock band, which led me to think I need to change that. Last Rizla is the first of its kind from Greece that I’ve heard, and I could definitely get used to hearing it.

Before we get anywhere, let me just say that Last Rizla does not, by any means, set themselves apart from the crowd in terms of innovation or trying to be super catchy or anything of the sort. These guys simply play music that they want to at the pace that pleases them, and you can really that in their music. Their brand new EP of “KLS9532” representation of creative freedom as Last Rizla does basically exactly what they wanted to. They even went the extra step to show that they take different approaches to their music as this EP is basically one song but two different versions. That allows for a different takes on the same piece of material, and even if Last Rizla didn’t create anywhere near the most memorable or amazing piece of rock with “KLS9532” you can still feel the essence of rock within their music. Riffs, complex rhythms, and a captivating sound all make up this EP, and allow it to become a very stepping stone for this Greek band.

Fun and passion are what rock has always been about, and it absolutely flows through every second of this record. Last Rizla didn’t leave all that big an impression, honestly, but in the end, I find it impossible to not applause a band who simply makes music to have fun. “KLS9532” is all a casual rock fan could hope for, and it definitely shines through with this EP.

LISTEN to “KLS9532” on Bandcamp here.


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