God Dethroned – The World Ablaze

 It is an indisputable fact that the term “brutal” for metal has gone to levels that are simply mind-boggling since the very first conception of death metal, and some bands today still have a desire to push those limits. While some go all the fucking way and make even death metal seem weak, others go for a more balanced approach. God Dethroned is one of the latter, and their upcoming album is a brilliant example of maximum intensity given proper form and structure.

Continuing one with the WWI theme from previous records, God Dethroned didn’t pull a single punch in the making of “The World Ablaze”. From devastating choruses to catchy riffs that reel you into the fire without an intention of letting you go, all of this record is just a massive piece of destruction that cannot simply be ignored. “The World Ablaze” is absolutely fucking scathing even in its two interlude tracks that serve as brief breaks from the chaos, but only to soon throw you back into the carnage that you had just escaped. This is possibly the perfect sound that could ever possibly encompass the sheer violence behind The Great War, and while many think that Sabaton would be a more perfect fit, but those truly familiar with the war will know the horror of the battlefield is captured more accurately with “The World Ablaze”. Vicious vocals, an attitude that wouldn’t relent for the end of the world, a sense of intensity that never ceases, and a brilliant sense of rhythm to boot, God Dethroned has made a triumphant return after seven years with a record that’s all but monstrous.

Explosiveness can be all a band needs to stand out, and while God Dethroned definitely uses that to his advantage they use much more than that, including decades of experience, to make this such an entertaining album. Bringing together so much of what’s made death metal great from the very beginning, “The World Ablaze” is an outrageously intense record that melts the face and drops you into an inferno to burn away, and it’s one hell of a fucking ride, for sure.

“The World Ablaze” releases on May 5th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “The World Ablaze” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW God Dethroned on Twitter: @villavampiria


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