Nephilim’s Howl – Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering

 The deepest darkest reaches of the Finland black metal underground have always fascinated me because of how dark and mysterious it’s always been. And always being the purveyor of dark metal the likes of which needs to be discovered, I dove right back into it today and what I found was no short of amazing. Nephilim’s Howl is that taste of the darkness we all need to experience every now and then.

Such an ominous figure as Nephilim’s Howl is the sort of thing that cannot go unnoticed for too long as it’s simply too monolithic and powerful to be kept in the shadows for long. Yet, in the shadows, they remain for they spread their influence like a powerful plague, and this new miasma of death goes by the title of “Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering”. Five tracks of pure chaotic fire are what we get from Nephilim’s Howl who use their fantastic brand of living darkness are what we’re served with this record, and it’s so delicious that I always have to come back every single time for more and more. It’s purely infectious, there’s no other way to describe it. “Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering” goes through so much of what humanity tries to ignore and sneer at, but Nephilim’s Howl goes right into it without even beginning to look back. That’s something that black metal has done for decades, but very few have gone to such philosophically deep reaches as this band simply because they didn’t even flinch in their execution of this stupendous record. This is just the sort of thing that we don’t see a lot, and it’s so refreshing to see something that combines rhythms, harsh themes, and pure darkness in such a good, balanced combination that it’s no less than astounding to behold.

Finland has always been a highlight for all things metal, but this has got to be a new dark territory for the country and it’s a province that I’d happily revisit time and again. Nephilim’s Howl absolutely delivers with “Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering” as it’s a real triumph of the style and something that should be heard by all.

“Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering” releases on May 19th via I, Voidhanger Records!

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