Death of Kings – Kneel Before None

 As if the concepts of heavy and thrash metal weren’t fucking badass already, some people out there dare to go the extra mile and thrust the two together in order to create something that’ll truly put some hairs on your chest. The very name of Death of Kings is badass enough, but these Atlanta natives don’t stop there as their upcoming record of “Kneel Before None” is everything that you could ask for if you wear leather, ride a fucking sweet hog, and ride off into the sunset because cliches!

I originally thought that this record was going to be straight heavy metal when I looked at all the cover art given all the dragons and such awesome material that’s often associated with heavy metal, but the reality of thrash being thrown into the mix is a much tastier reality than I could’ve hoped for. “Kneel Before None” is a fast and particularly aggressive record that really goes for the throat right off the bat as not a single moment is wasted on either mediocrity or low quality in any of these nine blistering tracks. Being both speedy and in the face of your listener is something that every great thrash piece has got to have, but adding traditional heavy metal just puts the icing on the cake as the intense vocals mixed wonderfully with the chaotic instruments that creating riffs of fire and a maddening, yet pleasing sense of rhythms constantly being blasted into your ears. The whole of “Kneel Before None” is like this from beginning to end; an intense assault on your being that you sit right in front of because it’s the sort of thing that we see often enough in today’s underground, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet. Death of Kings really channeled the classics of two different styles of metal with “Kneel Before None” and that led to a brilliant concoction that’s all but very potent.

The phrase “when worlds collide” doesn’t even begin to describe was has happened with this powerful album. Classics come crashing together with “Kneel Before None”, and while it’s not a perfect result in my eyes it’s still fucking ridiculous at how well it came out, along with how much it fucking shreds. Death of Kings absolutely blew me away by delivering something I never expected, and after listening to even a few songs I’m sure it’ll have the same impact on you.

“Kneel Before None” releases on June 2nd via Boris Records!

LISTEN to an advanced song via Transcending Obscurity here.

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