Monobrow – The Nacarat

 After being sick all day, I still need music to listen to as if it’s more important to me than oxygen or blood. However, with a head cold, you can’t exactly enjoy death metal to its fullest, so that’s when I turn to other more “friendly” sources to fill my hunger. That’s where the lighter end of doom metal comes in the handiest for me, and it’s bands like Monobrow that take that to an awesome extent.

When I sat down and heard this record, it was one of those records that I didn’t know I needed to hear today with this head cold. Busting once more back into the fray with some stoner doom, Monobrow is by no means a typical band of their style. They bring a brilliant sense of psychedelia with “The Nacarat” in absolute spades and in such a degree of awesomeness that you can practically fucking taste it in the five tracks that make up this new record. Yet, imagine if the band went even farther with pushing the boundaries of what doom metal can be, and Monobrow really astounded me by turning out to be completely instrumental. I’ve sung the praises of what instrumental bands can become, and this is an extremely top notch example of what can happen when you don’t have any words to your music. And considering that “The Nacarat” has tracks up to ten minutes long, the fact that Monobrow makes every second tantalizing and so fucking thought provoking is all but a magnificent triumph. Stunning riffs, awe-inspiring psychedelia, musicianship out the ass, and the amount of experience to give a band all the knowledge they could ask for; it’s no fucking wonder Monobrow was able to create something as tasty as “The Nacarat”!

Instrumental bands have always been a massive wonder for me as they show a completely new side of what can be done with metal as a whole, and Monobrow is no exception at all. These Canadians bring together so much of what’s great about doom metal as well as incorporating elements of psychedelic rock to create an otherworldly experience that never gets old. “The Nacarat” is a marvelous experience the likes of which can take you to floating worlds, realms with pillars of glass, and so much more.

LISTEN to “The Nacarat” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Monobrow on Facebook here.


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