Fin – Arrows of a Dying Age

 America has always been one of those places in the world that if you want top notch quality black metal you really have to do some digging. After discovering Inquisition, I wanted to discover what else the US black metal scene had to offer, and that search led me to Fin whose upcoming full-length album is nothing to fuck with.

From the fantastic cover art, I knew that there was something different about Fin, and upon closer inspection from the first track alone you can see that these guys aren’t fucking around. Able to go without any sort of compromise from any other style of metal, “Arrows of a Dying Age” is a splendid piece of work in just about every single way. Digging from the very large font of inspiration that is black metal as a genre, all eleven tracks of this album have so much going for them in terms of potential and expertise that it’s practically palpable. Riffs, complex rhythms, and piercing vocals all fill the void that is created by the excellent workmanship done excellently well by Fin. A few full-length records can take a toll on a band’s writing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all “Arrows of a Dying Age” as it is supreme in so many different ways from its songwriting to its diversity. Several bands have been able to get to this point as a group, but few have been able to hold a sense of mystery and intrigue as Fin does, and that’s something I feel the band should be extremely proud of.

America has always had its fair share of metal bands be they large or underground, but it’s never always seemed to have the same allure with black metal except on a few occasions. This is one of those occasions, and I’m very glad I’m a part of it. “Arrows of a Dying Age” is a very interesting record that holds endless potential from a band that clearly has loads of talent, and I’ve utter confidence in saying that Fin has a great future ahead of them.

“Arrows of a Dying Age” releases on April 28th via Folter Records!

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