Woodhawk – Beyond the Sun

 Every now and then rock always manages to bust out a record that goes under the radar for the most part, and it doesn’t get major radio play or any massive promoting scheme that radio bands get for one reason or another. But for those of us who search for it, bands like Woodhawk are absolute treasures of the highest degree. Their brand new album of “Beyond the Sun” is all one could ask from a stellar rock album, and it delivers on every single play.

I always find that you can find the best kinds of records in two forms: simple or innovative. It’s painfully obvious but it absolutely rings true, and anyone who goes through hundreds and hundreds of album knows that to be true. Either can work in the right hands, and Woodhawk likes to keep things simple but they also like it spicy. “Beyond the Sun” is the very embodiment of what your local rock band can absolutely do, and given the right proportion of musical prowess, sexy riffs, and brilliant anthems, any band in the same boat as Woodhawk has the potential to become so much more. The nine tracks that make up the fantastic trip of “Beyond the Sun” has its own delicious flavor wrapped in a sexy costume of desert/stoner rock, and once the riffs sink their hooks into you there’s no going back. To call this album captivating would only be the very beginning of how much Woodhawk grabs a hold of the human psyche with this music. It’s all top tier, high-quality stoner rock the likes of which we don’t see often, and it’s not hard to see why “Beyond the Sun” seems to enrapture all who behold its tunes.

The power of talking and sharing is what got this record to my ears, and I’m extremely thankful for that as I most likely never would’ve heard this piece of awesomeness otherwise. Canadians have always been a swell bunch of people in my experience, and I like them, even more, knowing that Woodhawk is among their ranks. Stoner rock comes to a peak with “Beyond the Sun”, and anyone who basks in its rays will instantly see what the rave is all about, even if that rave is whisper quiet.

LISTEN to “Beyond the Sun” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Woodhawk on Twitter: @WoodhawkRiffs


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