Plague Throat – The Human Paradox

 I’ve always been adamant in saying that talent comes from the places you least expect it. For many metalheads throughout the world, India isn’t exactly one of the first countries that come to people’s minds. For me, that’s always been a go-to location for finding quality metal and from day one it has never disappointed. Today, that hasn’t changed a single bit. Death metal entrepreneurs Plague Throat come right back from the abyss with their debut full-length album to show us what Indians can really do with death metal.

Imagine a band taking together all the great qualities of death metal and smashing together so many of its different styles to create something that can only be summed up as fucking face melting. The ten tracks that make up the apocalyptic debut that coalesce into “The Human Paradox” are no less than absolutely scathing that creates this incomprehensible sense of intensity right alongside a breakneck pace combined with subtle rhythms that create so much of what a death metal fanatic could ask for out of an album. What’s the most interesting, however, is how Plague Throat has the capacity to swap between the two distinct styles of technical and brutal death metal going from one song to another, making “The Human Paradox” a pretty fucking diverse record that shows this band doesn’t stick to one certain sound at all. And that’s something I always find fascinating in a band that can pull it off, and Plague Throat is clearly one of those. “The Human Paradox” is a devastatingly marvelous debut, by all means, possible and even just hearing the first few songs you can see how much of a fucking powerhouse both the record and the band are, and by the end, you’re left craving for more so you press play yet again and dive right back into the chaos.

India is in every sense of the term of a magnificent fucking breeding ground for all types of metal, and death metal has been covered wonderfully by bands like Primitiv, but it’s Plague Throat that really seals the deal and shows us what else can be done when you take it all even further. “The Human Paradox” is a harsh, unforgiving, and ridiculously phenomenal record that shows there’s no shortage of either power or talent with Plague Throat, and I’d be more than happy to dive into another inferno of these Indians’ creation.

“The Human Paradox” releases on May 30th via Transcending Obscurity Indian!

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks from “The Human Paradox” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Plague Throat on Facebook here.


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