Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars

 There are few bands that can be as transdimensional as Midnight Odyssey. This band has been around for ten years now and has made quite the impact in the world of atmospheric black metal. Cosmic boundaries have been taken and redrawn by the man known as Dis Pater, but yet as with many albums, there are always pieces that don’t reach us. Finally, we’ve now the chances to hear echoes of the past with this new display of astral beauty that is “Silhouettes Of Stars”.

This over two-hour long experience is one that takes you all over the Midnight Odyssey discography from the very beginnings the band’s existence all the way up to more recent additions to the mythos of the group. With “Silhouettes Of Stars” we’re delivered fifteen tracks from the void that are all but a fucking glorious sight to behold as we see so many bits and pieces from the past that are all completely untouched from their original recording sessions, much to the restraint of Dis Pater. And do not even begin to think that the songs found within “Silhouettes Of Stars” were not put on their intended full-lengths because they were low in quality – fuck no! Every single track once more takes us down familiar paths, and each one is in a completely different galaxy which gives the hours of wonder and appeals that we get out of this compilation so much more flavor and life into the music. There’s so much unseen splendor to behold in all of these tracks with pieces like “The Night Has Come For Me” and “Your Death Is Chosen” that it constantly keep you guessing. And that’s something that Midnight Odyssey has become known in the last decade: bringing absolutely stunning soundscapes while always keeping you guessing as to what’s going to come next.

“Silhouettes Of Stars” is by no means whatsoever meant to be a cohesive experience meant to sound like a full-length, but holy fucking shit does it feel like it totally could! With each album having so much content every single time it’s hard for me to imagine there being leftovers from each piece, yet once again Midnight Odyssey defies my expectations. Dis Pater has been a force to be reckoned with over the last ten years, and through this mesmerizing music, he’s been able to weave galaxies and nebulas from the fabrics of the universe itself. Here’s to many more years of exploring the cosmos!

“Silhouettes Of Stars” releases on May 19th via I, Voihanger Records!

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