Mudbath – Brine Pool

 Metal is made up of so many fusions of different sounds from both pre-existing styles both inside and outside of metal itself. Possibly one of the most well-known and renowned combinations has to be that of sludge and doom metal simply because they’re a match made in every sense of the phrase. Many incarnations have come from the style over the decades, but it’s Mudbath that’s the most recent to give the sound a spin that’s all but unorthodox.

Straight from viewing that stunning cover art, one can instantly tell that Mudbath isn’t simply bringing crunchy riffs to the table with their upcoming album, “Brine Pool”. After a quick investigation, it’s easily shown how outside of the box Mudbath approached this record while still keep the style’s core concepts at heart. “Brine Pool” delivers six brilliant tracks of sludge mixed with the heaviness of doom, but then molds it all with harsh vocals and stunning work of the fret board that it’s all but extremely hypnotizing. All of those come together seamlessly to make for a pretty intense experience overall with “Brine Pool” to make it one that’s both a smooth ride that takes loads of sharp turns to keep the listener guessing with what surprise could come in next as well as in what random form it could appear as. Mudbath could surprise with an instrumental track, a wonderful array of riffs and complex workings of the strings, or a shift in vocals that you never could’ve seen coming. It’s this sort of unpredictability that makes “Brine Pool” such an enjoyable trip to go on, and it’s something that gets attempted so very many times and can easily fail, but not today with Mudbath.

The ability to stun your listener at what you’re going to do next or change things up to keep everything fresh is a form of art in my eyes. Many try, but only some truly succeed. Mudbath has clearly succeeded with their newest effort and it’s the sort of thing that has got to be heard to be believed. “Brine Pool” has the capacity to stun most, if not all, who hear it, and those who truly open themselves to this album will be sent somewhere no less than euphoric.

“Brine Pool” releases on May 2nd!

LISTEN to an advanced track via Cvlt Nation here.

LIKE Mudbath on Facebook here.


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