WOM – Psychedelic Noir

 Never will I understand why some people will have even somewhat of a negative experience with a band and then never ever come back to the group. Sure, it all depends on taste, but I’ve always found close-mindedness like that puzzling. I remember listening to WOM’s (short for Winds of Mayhem) last album, enjoying it a bit, but never came back. Not sure why, but with the release of a brand new effort I felt a return was necessary, and it’s a very excellent thing to behold.

I knew things were going to take a bit of a turn when the description for “Psychedelic Noir” on Bandcamp with the sole member stating “I knew a change will have to occur for this project, a different path”. That’s an interesting thing to see if I’ve ever seen one, and I was extremely keen to see what A, the man behind WOM, meant by that. Well, with this record clearly stuck to the core formula of black metal, but took a few liberties as well. For instance, most of the songs from “Psychedelic Noir” being pretty lengthy with most reaching over seven minutes, and WOM had succeeded in making sure that the listener stayed interested in those longer songs and that things didn’t get stale. That’s something I remember from WOM’s previous effort that needed tweaking, so I’m ecstatic to see A is learning as he goes which is commendable. What really carried “Psychedelic Noir” and made me enjoy it as much as I did are the hooks that pull you right in along with the sheer diversity found throughout all nine tracks. Pepper in the masterful use of piano, riffs, and programming and you’ve got one hell of an experience that gives you a little bit of everything that could ever possibly work with black metal, and it works surprisingly well!

I never would’ve guessed that WOM would’ve done so well in such a short amount of time, or did such a good job with the first attempt at changing the direction of the band as a whole. Going down several different paths in one record can easily destroy it, but it’s one of the things that made “Psychedelic Noir” as much of the heavy-weight that it is. WOM is a brilliant example of what happens when a man who simply plays what he wants to play with passion can do, and I have nothing but confidence in saying that this could be A’s best piece to be put out yet.

LISTEN to “Psychedelic Noir” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE WOM on Facebook here.


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