Triumvir Foul – Spiritual Bloodshed

 They say change is good, and a lot of times that rings true, but other times things are perfect just the way they are. Take death metal for example. Its core has remained relatively unchanged throughout the decades even though it’s had many forms, the original flame persists. Bands like Triumvir Foul take that flame and turn it into a raging inferno from the depths of hell, and then it’s albums like “Spiritual Bloodshed” that make us want to dive head first into the blaze.

Much like their respective genre, Triumvir Foul hasn’t changed much over the years after you take everything into consideration. The original two-man lineup of the band has been restored and so the roster for the upcoming sophomore full-length of “Spiritual Bloodshed” has the exact same brain power behind it as the band’s debut demo “An Oath of Blood and Fire” had. To me, that’s fantastic fucking news as Triumvir Foul’s first full-length, their self-titled, was awesome but it lacked a little in the end, and that’s immediately rectified from the get-go with this new effort. Imagine if the death howls of the damned, a bone chilling and monstrously foreboding atmosphere, and no-holds-barred death metal had a spawn. That’s precisely what “Spiritual Bloodshed” is! These eight tracks easily make up what can undoubtedly be called Triumvir Foul’s crowning piece to date, and with the malicious intent and bloodthirst to match it’s not hard to see how this band once again succeeded by going right for the fucking throat. We get subtle rhythms thrown in throughout the record, incomprehensible roars from a realm of death and disease, and a fucking powerful punch to the face that delivers time and again as “Spiritual Bloodshed” is an onslaught the likes of which many fans of death metal will gladly subject themselves to over and over again just to bask once more in the glorious inferno. It all comes together brilliantly into one ferocious package that we don’t get often, but if anything is certain it’s that Triumvir Foul has and still continues to deliver all the fucking way with every single piece of material they pump out.

There are simply some bands that I gravitate immediately towards once I see they’ve new material, as is the case with every person. Every since I heard their debut demo, I’ve always kept a sharp eye out for Triumvir Foul. Once again, that’s paid off better than I ever could’ve hoped. “Spiritual Bloodshed” is a wonderland for all things death metal and is one of those pieces that has got to be heard for anyone wanting to hear the very embodiment of the word brutal.

“Spiritual Bloodshed” releases on June 9th via Invictus Productions and Vrasubatlat!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “Serpentine Seed”, on Bandcamp here or below.


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