Varg – Götterdämmerung

 Every now and then I come across a band, and I attempt to try and categorize them for the sake of so that you people can go “I want [insert metal sub-genre here]” and type, type, type you’re there! But there’s always that one band that confounds me to the point where I just draw the line at metal, and Varg is one of them. Describing themselves as “wolf metal” we’ll just keep things simple, but Varg are nowhere near simple and their brand new EP is proof of that!

Varg has been on my radar for quite some time, and ever since first hearing them with their two releases in 2015 I’ve been looking forward to seeing what else these Germans are truly capable of. With a brand new piece of material being released, I found it was time to swoop back over to this band to see what’s brewing once again. “Götterdämmerung” is what awaited me, and what awaited me was no less than brilliant intensity met with masterful use of melody. All four tracks of this EP that stretch less than even twenty minutes long have a fantastic fucking power that’s ever present and Varg more than follow-up perfectly by making sure that the quality doesn’t sink once for even a damned second. “Götterdämmerung” is filled to the fucking brim with pristine material with of its tracks having the capability to be featured as singles themselves and stand proud all on their own, which is something that EPs don’t do very often.

If nothing else, this record is a very pleasant surprise that came out of fucking nowhere and that makes my decision to hear the piece even fucking better. Varg has been a prominent figure in German metal (for those who go fairly deep into it) for some time now, and if anything is going to show that Varg is still going strong then it is this EP without a doubt. Power, ferocity, and premium metal can all be found with “Götterdämmerung” and it gets sweeter every time I hear it!

LISTEN to “Götterdämmerung” on Spotify here.

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