Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian Live

 Some bands and some albums are just too timeless and too monumental to forget. They don’t lose their luster over time and thus the band becomes legendary in their field. For progressive metal, Fates Warning is that band, and “Awaken the Guardian” is that album. It’s been thirty years since the album’s release and it’s still an unwavering classic of the style, and we’re lucky enough to immerse ourselves in the truly special event that was recorded for “Awaken the Guardian Live” that is all but monumental.

For decades if you had ever wanted to see the “Awaken the Guardian” era lineup of Fates Warning reunited then you’ve been shit outta luck unless you were fortunate enough to go and see that exact line-up last year at the Keep It True Festival in Germany and ProgPower USA. Should you have gone to the former of those you would’ve experienced “Awaken the Guardian” played in its fucking entirety. The whole of that performance you can hear the energy and the wonderful spirit from Fates Warning playing such a classic album was straight up euphoric in just about every single way. Hearing the record in its original form is a marvel in it of itself, but hearing it live in a recent reincarnation somehow gives the material an additional taste that’s just as wonderfully delicious as one could ever hope for. Then after hearing such a legendary experience, don’t prepare to feel like the fun is over as we’re then teleported to PowerProg USA and we hear a little bit from the large discography of Fates Warning to the point where it can be simply called immensely entertaining. Fates Warning has always been a treat to hear after time in the studio, but hearing them on stage and then performing such landmark material is a real treat like no other and you can’t truly appreciate it until you’ve heard it all.

This is one of those bands that’s not a household name, unfortunately, but anyone who’s heard Fates Warning before knows that they are, indeed, living legends and they’ve done some marvelous things in the past. “Awaken the Guardian Live” further preserves the legacy left by such a momentous band, and to be able to hear such a once in a lifetime experience….. I feel truly honored. This record compiled everything great about both being at a live performance and being able to be in the presence of titans.

“Awaken the Guardian Live” releases on April 28th via Metal Blade Records!

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