Saule – s/t

 The whole idea of making a piece of material that’s so surreal and dissonant is the very dream of so many artists out in the world that it’s by no means a foreign subject. Plenty of bands have taken black metal and twisted it into several different forms to fit such surrealism. The newest project to do such is the Polish group of Saule whose debut is no less than transcendent.

As I said, many bands have attempted to take black metal into very atmospheric and ambient forms the likes of which that can only be described as both groundbreaking and mind boggling. Saule more than fills the bill, however big it may be, and their debut self-titled album is all one could ever ask for out of a piece that’s simply genre bending. From beginning to end, Saule takes black metal and turns it right on its head as thousands have before and take the listener into a realm of gray. One where you simply drift about from one reality to another, seeing both beauty and horror, experience emotions you never knew existed, and by the end, you feel as if you’ve broken through a mental barrier that you never knew was there. Saule uses brilliant musicianship, excellence use of atmosphere, and a passionate set of emotions to convey a layered tale whose purpose or meaning I could not even begin to decipher for you. But given the fact that this is Saule’s very first effort, I feel it’s safe to say that this band has loads of fucking potential and we’re lucky enough to see a good bit of it with this record. It transcends several musical boundaries and then connects with the soul to pack a real punch that’s subtle yet all powerful. Very few can do that, but Saule makes it feel like the band’s been doing it for decades.

I expect much from this band. Loads, even. Saule shows with but seven tracks that they have a sound that while many have, only they can pull off such a unique flavor as they accomplished on this record. It’s got all the ups and downs, surreal landscapes, and heartfelt black metal that’s all portioned very accurately to create a marvelous experience. Should you be looking for the next extremely well done piece of innovative black metal then please look no further than Saule and all the splendor the band supplies.

“Saule” releases on May 13th via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Saule on Facebook here.


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