Lo-Ruhamah – Anointing

 I typically don’t do name drops of specific labels, but today I simply have to straight mention the phenomenal label that is I, Voidhanger Records. They’ve put out real slices of darkness over the last few years that has stunned me and many other. Some noteworthy bands on their roster are Howls of Ebb, Midnight Odyssey, and even Mare Cognitum. However, they’re always ahead of the curve and always have something new brewing. The latest example of just that is the international group of Lo-Ruhamah which, in short, is no less than the soundtrack of darkness and chaos themselves.

Coming back from a fucking ten-year silence, Lo-Ruhamah has returned in such a stunning way that’s so mesmerizingly haunting that it will take the average person at least three full listens to even get a decent grip on this phenomenal record. Simply getting a glimpse at that stunning cover art will give you but a taste at what Lo-Ruhamah has conjured from the realm of void with their upcoming record, “Anointing”. The record in its entirety is a dark masterpiece that even hell itself could not contain all the darkness and chaos bursting from these nine tracks of insanity. To try and sum up what “Anointing” accomplishes musically is no easy task. The simplest way I could lay it out would be a vibrantly horrid combination of black and death metal mixed together by the aura of pure chaos then tied together by occult rhythms that are both progressive and entrancing in every single way imaginable. We get vicious hooks that keep us reeled in the entire time, vocals that call our souls to our demises from the aforementioned realm of void, and a sense of overall pristine musicianship that you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find in other places of the world. And then try and search that dark parts of the underground metal scene of the entire world and try to find something as sinister and stunning as “Anointing”. To call Lo-Ruhamah a comeback band that succeeded would be a fucking grievous understatement like none before it.

I, Voidhanger Records has always been a stop for me no matter what, and it’s not hard to see why myself and many others do the same exact thing every time the label puts out something new. It’s because they have a real eye for talent, and it’s shown perfectly with “Anointing”. Lo-Ruhamah is a fucking ridiculous band that’s made a comeback like no other, and if that’s not enough to grip the soul of every person who experiences its darkness then you need to submerge yourself in the void and let it take over. Only then can you truly appreciate the mastery that is “Anointing”.

“Anointing” releases on May 19th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LIKE Lo-Ruhamah on Facebook here.


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