Bloodletter – The Darkest Reaches

 The allure of the underground scene of metal is something that’s always been a massive allure for me as you can find just about anything you want so long as you search long enough. I set out tonight to find some thrash because I need more of it in my life, and my search eventually led me to Bloodletter. Good find? Absolutely. Thrash metal awesomeness? Fuck yeah!

The beauty of the underground is how it can have something fucking awesome and you have the potential to be that band’s first hardcore fan or person who thought to spread the word about the group’s awesomeness. Maybe that’s the case with me for Bloodletter’s shredder of an EP “The Darkest Reaches”. It’s the sort of thing that once you stumble across you instantly know that this is the diamond in the rough that you’re looking for. And sure, it’s not the best diamond and could much be in every single way but it’s still a fucking diamond! That’s what it felt like finding “The Darkest Reaches”. Instead of going with the longer tracks that many other thrash groups tend to exercise, Bloodletter opted to crunch the three songs from this EP to less than three minutes each to make an already blistering experience feel even fucking faster! Bloodletter has also got everything that an essential thrash band needs from an excellent sense of pacing to vicious vocals to an intimidating aura that permeates the entire piece, and you can feel all of that in every single note from “The Darkest Reaches”. Throw in some melody along with face melting riffs and you have got an even more of a killer sound that absolutely smashes!

Albeit some of the melodies feel a little forced (they don’t flow together fluidly) and it can sound a bit clunky for a few moments, Bloodletter demonstrates they know exactly what they’re going for and that they’ve definitely got the potential as well as the knowledge of thrash itself to pull it off. I’m very glad I stumbled across this gem as I’ve now got another band to keep on the look out for, and you should do the very same after going and listening to the intensity that is “The Darkest Reaches”. Go on . . . immerse yourself.

LISTEN to “The Darkest Reaches” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bloodletter on Facebook here.


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