Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain

 Very few bands can leave an impression and then continue to do almost the same exact fucking thing every time, and then still have people come back for even more. That’s one of the few signs of a band that’s found a working formula and knows how to do it right every single time. Mammoth Mammoth does just that with stoner rock, and their name is one that’s been up and coming for years now, and it’s all about to come to a new peak.

Beer, dope, and women are all that some people need to keep their lives going forward. I’m not saying the members of Mammoth Mammoth have that sort of lifestyle by any means, but they clearly have an understanding of it and then proceed to turn that concept into a stoner rock sound that’s simply infectious. They’ve implemented that sound into what’s now three full-lengths and two EPs to create a trippy and tantalizing discography. And as if it wasn’t an already impressive collection as is, these Australians have created “Mount the Mountain” – a real fucking bender that stomps you into the ground, pulls you back up, and then tosses you into a raging party that never ends. Mammoth Mammoth once again gathers up supreme riffs, hooks, rhythms, and grooves that simply never cease to entertain and entrance the listener as they’re the exact type of thing that keeps an album going, and that’s just the tip of the mountain with this record (get it?). “Mountain the Mountain” is a bewildering trip of eleven tracks, all of which have a similar flavor but none are exactly the same and each one has the potential to be a stoner’s favorite track and the capability to launch Mammoth Mammoth into the levels of recognition that they’ve clearly earned.

Typically, a band just being themselves and having a good time isn’t all the group can need to have success, but Mammoth Mammoth is living proof that bands can absolutely do just that in today’s world. The music reflects this, and “Mount the Mountain” is a perfect example of such as it’s the epitome of good friends having a fucking rip-snorting time together, and sharing the party with everyone else through their masterful riffs and stoner hypnosis.

“Mount the Mountain” releases on April 28th via Napalm Records!

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