Opposer – Darkest Path

 Ah, yes! Death metal! Arguably the most notorious style of the genre in just about every single way, and it’s been that way ever since its inception. Many have refused it, but we’ve all embraced it, right? Some attempt to take death metal to brand new heights while others are fine with being in the original soundscape. Opposer feels right at home with the latter, and it’s shown off excellently with their latest helping of unholiness.

Right from the get-go, we can easily assess that Opposer doesn’t try to do anything new or fancy with “Darkest Path” as in its entirety you really don’t need to either take anything away or add a single extra thing in order to make it a more complete experience. All of what this Spanish group accomplishes can be summed up to be a prime real-estate for any fan of death metal who’s been looking for something that’s just as vicious as it is rhythmic. All of “Darkest Path” is a fantastically crafted journey through the dark, unholy realm of death itself where we get a wonderful tour of all the horrors and decay featured within, and Opposer feature a killer soundtrack to the trip that’s both intense and catchy. The music doesn’t go anywhere near a more “commercialized” sound of melodic death metal, and you can really taste the talent and passion beyond the harsh melodies and murderous theme. It makes for a devastatingly good time that anyone who can consider themselves a death metal fan will be guaranteed to have a brilliant experience upon which you’ll be compelled to come back to time and again.

The like of this record has absolutely been done multiple times over the decades as it’s a formula that simply works, and it feels like a band has to try to mess it up. Opposer luckily didn’t do any sort of thing like that, and in turn, they created an album that is beyond interesting with several riffs and hooks spread throughout the chaos to keep you bewildered the entire time. “Darkest Path” may not be the best of its kind, but goddamn is it a record that should definitely be heard!

LISTEN to “Darkest Path” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Opposer on Facebook here.


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