Ghost Horizon – The Erotics of Disgust

 The misty plane that is atmospheric black metal is one that can take on many forms. Some bands will either soak their atmosphere with loads of folk influence, others will make most of the record pure unnerving ambiance, and others will try to find a decent balance between atmosphere and metal to form a pretty mint sound. Ghost Horizon goes for the third, and their debut EP showed definite promise, but it’s their brand new EP that shows what the band can really do.

Now, Ghost Horizon is but a two-man band, and between their debut and this current piece, one of those gentlemen departed from the group. Unfortunate, but nevertheless I had questions if Ghost Horizon was going to continue being a thing, and I consider it very fortunate that the now one-man band decided to do just that. Coming off what might’ve seen a crippling blow to the band, Ghost Horizon releases “The Erotics of Disgust” – a 4-track EP that’s a damn good piece of atmospheric black metal that’s both an upgrade from the band’s debut and also very hefty. By hefty I mean that in the emotional sense as even the man behind Ghost Horizon explains “… in a lot of ways, I’m sharing some pretty deep emotions that I would never talk about otherwise.” I find that very awesome to hear as I find music to gain a layer of depth and therefore greatness when there’s emotional significance to the piece. Then when it comes out well done that’s even fucking better! With “The Erotics of Disgust” we get a diverse EP that finds a good harmony between atmosphere and metal to allow an experience the likes of which can be transcribed as both surreal and transdimensional. This EP is a well-defined upgrade as to what happens when a band is constantly pushing itself to be better musically and in general. That’s the exact case with Ghost Horizon, and we don’t see a case like this very often from such a little-known band, and it’s something we simply can’t take for granted.

Normally, a band who loses half of its staff (whether it be one person or four people it ultimately doesn’t matter) that can spell the end for the group in question, and then the remaining members have to try and find a way to bounce back. Ghost Horizon seemed to have done just that with the utmost ease, and then proceeded to come back with a surprising EP nonetheless! “The Erotics of Disgust” is a brilliant example of what happens when you combine quality black metal, emotion, passion, and atmosphere in all the right doses, and it certainly pays off all the way to the fucking bank here.

LISTEN to “The Erotics of Disgust” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ghost Horizon on Facebook here.


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