Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

 The prospect of doom metal is an allure the likes of which I have a hard time resisting. Whether it comes in the form of crunchy riffs or a slow pounding meant to grind your very bones, doom has something for everyone. The last doom record to really impress me was Flesh of the Stars almost two months ago and since then I’ve been looking for the next awesome piece of the genre, and I believe that Loathfinder has made the piece I’ve needed.

The cover art for what I believe to be Loathfinder’s debut EP of “The Great Tired Ones” is the sort of thing that the longer you look at it the more horrifying the piece becomes. And that’s precisely the kind of thing that had to go along with such an exceptional record as this. Bringing together everything great about doom metal, Loathfinder really went all out in the four tracks we’re given with this record, and with the infusion of black metal for good measure a damn good time is guaranteed when listening to “The Great Tired Ones”. One might like to jest how they might get tired listening to an album titled such, but nowhere throughout any of the brutally crushing tracks does Loathfinder become dull or get anywhere near a point that can be even remotely considered boring. This is a premium doom metal experience that can clearly be better as a whole, but goddamn does “The Great Tired Ones” make a great fucking impact on the palette of any doom lover, and is hopefully but a taste of what Loathfinder can dish out.

Poland typically isn’t the kind of country that I’d call an up and coming hotspot for metal, but, like Ireland, its got its interesting pieces that manage to stand out. One of those is, obviously, Loathfinder who is everything that a casual doom fan could ever hope for wrapped up in a horrifyingly attractive shell that’s all but tantalizing to even gaze upon. “The Great Tired Ones” is a marvelous introduction to the world, and is hopefully the first of many dark chapters that we will hear from this band.

“The Great Tired Ones” releases on April 30th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advance track on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Loathfinder on Facebook here.


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