Divine Element – Thaurachs Of Borsu

 The last band to have really gone beyond the call of duty and combined so many different types of metal that it sounded like a clusterfuck on paper was the samurai metal pioneers of Whispered. Combining folk, power, melo-death, and symphonic metal into a beautiful creation, they showed so much can be jammed into one record to create something truly stunning. I’ve been on the search for the next album of such caliber and until today that search proved fruitless. Divine Element returns from a hiatus to give us a record that can be simply described in two words: outstandingly epic!

Creating an album of any kind is a mammoth task in it of itself, but to take a little bit from the multitudes of metal sub-genres, measuring them out so one doesn’t overpower the rest, and then creating a record around that is unfathomable to me. Yet, that’s precisely what Divine Element has done. Leave it to a band that has the sole member of the illustrious Spectral Lore to pump out an album that’s all but stunning. This sophomore effort that is “Thaurachs Of Borsu” combines the sub-genres of death, black, and even a little bit of folk metal to weave this experience worthy to be the backing soundtrack to the greatest of tales. Eight tracks, all with its own special flavor, all having a significant weight to them, and an encompassing story. That of a warrior fighting to regain his homeland, questioning the multi-layered dilemma that is war, where humans belong amongst the vast cosmos (very relatable, no?), and a crusade to overcome a more powerful enemy. “Thaurachs Of Borsu” is a well-rounded piece of masterful storytelling, world building, and fucking powerful metal that wouldn’t rest for the end of the world itself. Divine Element doesn’t have much material to its name, but this album speaks for the band itself one hundred percent. This is a glorious example of what can be done through creativity,

This is a glorious example of what can be done through creativity, passion, and sheer determination. Those are the foundations of which Divine Element are based on, whether the band members know that or not. “Thaurachs Of Borsu” is a marvelous piece that has got to be experienced by all. And then if you either crave more or somehow this marvel doesn’t catch your fancy, then maybe the forthcoming novel also titled “Thaurachs Of Borsu” will which shall be released soon after the album. I know I will definitely have to get some of that as it sounds right up my alley, and it sounds like a perfect addition to an already thrilling release.

“Thaurachs Of Borsu” releases on May 19th via I, Voidhanger Records!

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