Soulskinner – Descent to Abaddon

 Metal has reached pretty much every spot on the planet, that much we all can say without a doubt. And with that, there are currently some countries that are still growing their scenes and becoming more established in the global scene itself. Greece is one of my favorite places to visit for metal as it’s always shoveling out new bands of all kinds that laid low in the country’s woodwork. Soulskinner isn’t a newcomer by any means, but their sound is a trademark of Greek death metal at this point.

With someone like Mark Riddick doing an album’s cover art, it’s hard to resist at least inspecting the material in question no matter who the band is. And if that band is Soulskinner then you’re going to get something that’s quite a treat: old school blistering death metal that spirals further into hell the longer it goes on. This band has been going for quite some time now collectively and has always put on quite the dazzling display of undeath and unholiness, but it is their upcoming full-length of “Descent to Abaddon” that shows Soulskinner at their peak. I only last heard this band was their third full-length put out three years ago, and I’m very happy to see that not much has changed because Soulskinner knew how to play death metal then and they still fucking do now. “Descent to Abaddon” is a glorious piece of what it means to bring the old school of death into modern times, and Soulskinner uses the ten tracks to tell of the unsightly demises of unfortunate victims suffering in hellfire wrought by the incantations of the vocals, the skinning of the damned brought by the drum’s beat, or the strings causing souls to be tortured relentlessly. Truly, a magnificently gory sight to behold and it’s precisely what Soulskinner has become known for, and “Descent to Abaddon” only further proves these Greeks aren’t anywhere close to coming to a halt. Not many can survive as long as Soulskinner which gives this band further cred of being both experienced and very talented in every single way.

Death doesn’t come in one short instance; it comes in waves – in typhoons and miasmas – and the freshest of those will be brought into existence by “Descent to Abaddon”. Greece has of yet to disappoint me to any degree with the brands of metal coming from its borders, and it’s very humbling to see that old school death metal is one of them. Soulskinner are slowly becoming even greater than they already were, and I’ve no question that in time they will become harbingers of death that will be a force to be reckoned with.

“Descent to Abaddon” releases on May 22nd via Xtreem Music!

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