Lucidreams – Ballox

 Heavy metal as a style has taken many forms over the last decades that much can’t be questioned, but the current state of the original sound is something that I always keep in mind. Simply because I want to know who to look for when greats such as Manowar or Grave Digger or Judas Priest aren’t around anymore. One possible interest comes out of India in the form of Lucidreams who are all but damn near the perfect band of its kind.

I personally believe it’s practically impossible for any new band to take heavy metal and redefine it in previously unthinkable ways mainly because so many have attempted it. And it’s also one of those styles that you can’t stretch too much otherwise it becomes some other type of metal. In the case of Lucidreams, they took all of their previous experience as one of the oldest Indian heavy metal acts and influences from legends of the genre in order to create a sound that is nigh-on infectious. “Ballox” may be an album the likes of which we’ve undoubtedly heard before, it is still a fantastic fucking ride! This EP gives us but five tracks to sift through but they are all crunchy, melodic, extremely well done, and got a power the kind that just sinks into your mind and doesn’t let go for a single moment. The smooth vocals, hypnotizing rhythms, and downright enchanting feel that permeates all of “Ballox” is the type of thing that all fans of the genre can and should appreciate because this is what we will be looking for coming to the departure of our icons and legends.

Never would I have expected India to have been a beacon for the continuation of the original flame of heavy metal. Yes, the country has a brilliant metal scene in every single way, but Lucidreams stands proud on the front lines as the country’s top authority of classic heavy metal and they bring with them quite the deadly sword to do the talking! That sword’s name is “Ballox” is it has come to slash you to pieces and leave you begging for more!

“Ballox” releases on April 25th via Transcending Obscurity India!

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks from “Ballox” on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Lucidreams on Facebook here.


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