Riffocity – Under A Mourning Sky

 As someone who’s always ready to hear a fresh new riff waft my way any day of the week, seeing a band named Riffocity seems (a) cheesy and (b) a possibly really great idea! Add on the fact that this group is both thrash and has recently put out their debut album, and there’s something I could get into. After hearing all of this record in its entirety, I’m very glad to say that this debut is nowhere near a disappointment.

There are few stages in the life cycle of a band where the group in question has got to put out a record that makes a statement, and a fucking good one at that. The first one is, obviously, the band’s debut. It’s gotta be something that grabs the attention that either shows the band can do something different and make it intriguing, or take a style that we’ve all heard and prove their skill/mastery over the sound. Riffocity went with the latter for “Under A Mourning Sky”, and right away you can tell that this Greek band isn’t fucking around for even a minute. True to their name, Riffocity delivers loads of delicious riffs that instantly pulls you in, and then if those don’t get you going then maybe the excellent musicianship behind “Under A Mourning Sky” will. Everything about this debut spills forth absolute talent and potential from the smooth vocals to the pure quality of the hour long album itself to the diversity that Riffocity brings to the table in tracks like “Perished Unloved”. I had a few doubts going into this album because I felt I wouldn’t be able to take the band seriously because their name sounded so damned cheesy to me, and as with most things the universe proved how wrong I am yet again.

This isn’t a fucking great thrash album, but it is absolutely something that needs to be heard. It’s got everything a fabulous piece of thrash could ever need, and all Riffocity needs to do is gain more experience that will then, in turn, give them the knowledge to craft even greater records. “Under A Mourning Sky” is a pristine album, no question, and if you consider yourself an even remote fan of thrash then you should keep this piece in mind no matter what.

LISTEN to “Under A Mourning Sky” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Riffocity on Facebook here.


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