Harlott – Extinction

 Bay area thrash is one of the most well-known veins of thrash metal in the entire world to a point where it’s not just restricted to the titular Bay area anymore. Oh no! Even all the way in Australia the style has bands pulling it off and Harlott is one of those bands. The band itself hasn’t been around for that long of a time, but you can feel the raw energy and thrash expertise that the band creates, and it comes to the brilliant form of “Extinction”.

I’ll say it up front because it is by far the thing I noticed more than anything else is this record: Harlott literally sounds a little bit like a discount Slayer. I’m not one of those people that think every piece of thrash is a Slayer rip off, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head when listening to “Extinction”. That being said, the record was still able to hold its own and leave a definitive mark proving that Harlott isn’t trying to take a legend’s formula and making it their own. The twelve tracks we receive with this record are the kind that varies between both the use of classic thrash mentality of speed and anger then shaking it up with even including an epic 7+ minute song that is easily the most standout track of “Extinction”. And while this isn’t the most captivating thrash metal album that I’ve heard in my life, the amount of passion and care that Harlott put into their third full-length is all but palpable. Each and every track has its own breath of life, its own wild energy, and the influence of decades from listening to legends past can be felt in every single note. Harlott’s love for thrash culminates to a brilliant point with “Extinction” that is the definition of a head turner.

While it is honestly hard for me to get past the fact that these Australians sound eerily similar to Slayer in my honest opinion, I do have to admit that Harlott did a bang up job with this record. “Extinction” packs the punch that thrash always should, and hopefully this is the true beginning of something absolutely stunning for a band playing the music it grew up to.

“Extinction” releases on April 7th via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

PRE-ORDER “Extinction” via iTunes here.

LIKE Harlott on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Harlott on Twitter: @HarlottOfficial


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