Pallbearer – Heartless

 I’ve no idea what it is, but there’s just something about doom metal that when you take away the crushing heaviness and then put it in the right hands it becomes this classic sounding slab of metal that’s all but intoxicating. Crypt Sermon is typically the first band that fits that exact description for me, but I always forget about Pallbearer and I’m stupid because of that. Easily one of the most underrated bands of its kind, Pallbearer has created something monolithic with their brand new album.

Whenever a band of any kind goes into the realm of melancholy and then throws in musical prowess to really shake things up, it creates shockwaves throughout that band’s respective scene. Justly so. That’s precisely what got me to investigate Pallbearer in the first place. Word of their new record of “Heartless” spread like wildfire and was easily known by anyone who follows the metal underground, and after listening to this wonder it’s a damn shame that Pallbearer is still considered underground, for they’ve musical talent that legions of others could only fathom. “Heartless” is an absolute masterpiece of its kind that shows off the true muscles that Pallbearer has always had been showcasing. Yet, it all comes out in full force within these seven tracks. Going anywhere from six minutes to thirteen, making “Heartless” a roughly hour-long experience that truly takes you through the emotional and melancholic ocean that Pallbearer crafts with absolute ease. Pallbearer show in every single aspect of this album that they are masters of doom metal and will stop at nothing to craft something that leaves us all stunned. As someone who hears a new piece every single day and has heard literally hundreds of records of all sorts, this one sticks out amongst the vast majority as a magnificent piece of masterful craftsmanship.

Should you be looking for an absolute roller-coaster of an album and desire to hear a wave of delicious fresh air that only comes around every few months, and this one is particular is an absolute tornado that will blow you away instantly. Pallbearer has knocked the ball right out of the fucking park, and it is hopefully “Heartless” that will propel them to fame in the metal world that they so clearly have the credits for.

LISTEN to “Heartless” on Bandcamp here.

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